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Why to invest in Real Estate?

  • Incremental Demand for about one crore housing units every year.
  • India is going to produce an estimated two million new graduates from various universities during this year, creating demand for 100 million sq.ft.of work space.
  • Real Estate - The second largest employment driver in India
  • Everyone needs the basic necessities of life and one of them is called home. Indeed, residential property market makes up for near about 80% of the real estate market in India in terms of volumes and has been shooting up at 34% annually.
  • Land is a scarce resource in India - driven by very high population density, more than 10 times that of U.S. and more than twice that of China.
  • Projected population growth of 54% in next 43 years (CAGR. 1%) and growing urbanization are expected to continue to drive the property price increase in India.
  • Indian real estate industry is growing with a compounded growth rate (CAGR) of more than 30% on the back of robust economic performance of the country.
  • Market is getting more organized with presence of overseas developers.
  • Mumbai and Delhi are projected to be the world's second and third largest cities by 2015.
  • Lower interest rates, easy availability of housing finance, burgeoning income and better job prospects, increase of nuclear families have given a boost to the demand for residential properties in India.
  • In the last one year, the capital values of the commercial office spaces has increased by up to 40% owing to the increase in the demand from IT / ITES and BPO sector across major metros in India.
  • Data showcased by property surveys show that returns from rental incomes on investment in Real Estate in Indian metros, are around 10.5%, the highest in the world.
  • Double digit appreciation is seen over pan India in Real Estate.

Facts of Real Estate in India

  • Real estate is an investment that can give you income for the rest of your life.
  • Seller financing is when you agree to pay the seller over the time the down payment and the rest you get from the bank.
  • Investing in real estate has intrinsic value to it. A stock that you buy can lose 99%of its value but it is almost impossible to buy a property and it lose by 99%of its value.
  • Tax Advantage: There are several ways in which property ownership can be used for legitimate tax avoidance.
  • Appreciation: A key concept behind Real estate investment is called appreciation, which is nothing but the enhancement of a property's market value over a time.
  • Real Estate investment is physical asset class investment.
  • Diversification: Its an altogether different type of asset of investment compared to bullions, Equity, FDs, Bonds, PPF etc..
  • Factors for appreciation in realty investment
  • The supply and demand dynamics of a particular location.
  • Inflationary pressures
  • Home loan interest rates.
  • Population growth
  • Infrastructures projects that increases the quality of living in that area.
  • Zoning regulation that do not permit excessive construction projects.
  • Transportation facilities that make the location more accessible via road, air, rail.
  • The Establishment of a new work place hub.
  • Proximity of schools, colleges & health care facilities.
  • Growing urban population.